Who should I see? A chiropractor, osteopath or physiotherapist?

Big questions, which are often answered by more questions. You are looking at three different health professions with differing philosophies, attitudes, strengths, systems of analysis, and techniques within each.

Usually your seek one of three professions for a solution to your pain, specifically back pain, neck pain, sporting injuries, lifting injuries etc. Each profession, however, has a distinct philosophy on how best to work with you to resolve your problem or injury.

You are often drawn to a philosophy, without even realising. Additionally, you may have a preference for what you want in a health profession – whether it be the approach they use, the way they communicate, referrals, location, environment, or experience.

Our advice when choosing a chiropractor, osteopath or physiotherapist would briefly be as follows:

  • Is the practitioner a member of their association?
  • Do they have a particular area of expertise?
  • Are you able to claim on private health insurance?
  • Are there HICAPS facilities?
  • Has a friend or GP recommended a practitioner?
  • Don’t persist with treatment if the chiropractic, osteopathy or physiotherapy given does not suit you.

At Springwood Chiropractic Clinic we can confidentially explain what Chiropractors do, our qualifications and our philosophies. We have not studied nor practised as osteopaths or physiotherapists, however, we do have contact in the field and at conferences and seminars. Personally, connections exist and we have consulted these practitioners for treatment.

We suggest you select an individual practitioner from your preferred profession who is trusted, knowledgeable and friendly and can provide the best quality treatment for your injury.

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