Chiro for kids

At Springwood Chiropractic we see people of all ages and have extensive experience working with children (chiro for kids). The Chiropractic care we provide for children is very safe and very gentle. The focus is to give their child or infant the opportunity to grow, develop and reach their full potential.

In order to function to the best of their ability and become healthy vibrant children a properly functioning nervous system is paramount. Equally physical activity, proper nutrition, time to play are crucial components as is a loving caring environment.

How does Chiropractic work?

The brain and the nerve system control the function of all cells, glands, organs and systems in the body. The cranium protects the brain, and the spine protects the spinal cord.  Minor incidents can create altered biomechanics of the spine or cranium altering the function in the brain and nervous system.

These incidents, may follow on from intrauterine constraint, abnormal fetal positioning in the uterus or the forces and stresses of birth. If labour is prolonged or forceps, suction or caesarean delivery occurs this can further adversely affect the biomechanics. A child’s system can further become unbalanced and not function as well as it should from falls, knocks and sporting injuries. An increasing concern is poor posture over iPad and laptops. Inadequate nutrition can further stress the system.


Initial Consult- chiro for kids

When you first bring your child to our practice we will do an initial consultation. This will include a thorough case history about pre-natal development, birth, illnesses, traumas and information about development of your child.  A neurological, orthopaedic and biomechanical examination will follow tailored to your child’s age. Compromise to the neurological, musculoskeletal or biomechanical system can be assessed. Finding will be outlined and a specific program of care recommended. Adjustments are low force and tailored to your child’s size and needs (chiro for kids).

Part of our assessment of a child may include assessments of Neonatal or Primitive Reflexes. These reflexes ideally begin to function in a particular order and are integrated in a specific sequence. More complex posture and movement patterns then ideally develop.

Signs and Symptoms of improper development or a delay or absence of early gross motor skills.

Physical trauma and hereditary problems of the spine and nervous system may also hinder the newborn or child to reach their full potential.

Every parent wants to give their child an opportunity to function at their best.

Make Springwood Chiropractic an integral part of your family’s overall health care plans and goals. Book an appointment today.