Posture correction

iStock_000047197272XXXLarge-w660It takes just one visit to know how we can help...

Poor posture can result from either major traumas and injuries that adversely affect the way you 'hold yourself', or from repetitive smaller stresses on the body. Certain occupations that maintain fixed postures for long a duration of time are more prone to developing poor posture. For example: hairdressers, dentists, office workers.

Throughout the day a lot of stress and strain can accumulate in our spine including its muscles and joints. Daily we use our spine for many different tasks, without having to even think about it. Often we are totally unaware of our posture. Adverse postures and movement patterns create stress and strain throughout our system. Tensions can build up - sometimes we notice these tensions as aches and pains, other times, we don’t notice them at all. Your body can also lose flexibility as you age. This need not be the case. It makes sense to look after your spine - if you look after your spine, your spine will support you as it's designed to.

People often notice their posture begins to change after one consultation. By addressing the underlying mechanical issues and restoring mobility back to "locked" joints in your body, you may find your posture starts to maintain itself better, and for longer.

At Springwood Chiropractic you will also be given a specific postural correction program including stretches and rehabilitative strengthening exercises to address your posture for the long term.