Laurelle Caristo – Chiropractor

slide5-w3000I understand that everyone is a unique individual and all individuals require different chiropractic care. I am passionate to provide holistic Chiropractic care tailored to optimize the health of each individual.

During studying a Bachelor of Science at Monash University, Melbourne I experienced Chiropractic firsthand. My neck pain, I learnt was largely a result of what I then considered a minor whiplash and concussion injury I’d sustained in childhood. With regular Chiropractic care my neck pain resolved and I noticed vast improvements in my life. I became physically stronger and balancing studying, sporting pursuits and a lifestyle away from home became easier. I knew without a doubt then that Chiropractic was the profession for me. I went on to complete a Masters of Chiropractic at Macquarie University in Sydney in 1998.

I then practiced in a clinic in Newcastle which had a strong referral base from local doctors, neurologists and orthopaedic surgeons. During this time I worked extensively with chronic pain.

I also worked on children with a range of complaints to more elderly with arthritic presentations. Clinically I experienced Chiropractic had many benefits within the community and went beyond merely treating symptoms.

I went on to establish a clinic in Swansea, Lake Macquarie with Frank Caristo and satellite practices within Medical Centres in Lake Munmorah and Gwandalan. I worked with a diverse mix of people. I particularly enjoyed working with miner’s who had sustained traumatic injuries and those who had undergone repeated surgical procedures. Working to optimize function and rehabilitate biomechanics in these individual was incredibly challenging yet immensely rewarding.

The allure of London however loomed so I left Australia for the U.K. There I began working in Henley-OnThames within a highly respected multi-disciplinary practice. My Chiropractic work load was full and I gained a wealth of experience working alongside other health care professionals – homeopaths, naturopaths, psychologists, acupuncturists, holistic dentists and yoga teachers. This clinic encouraged an activity of cross referral, working together with other health care professionals to achieve the best possible health solutions for individuals. In Henley, I gained a wealth of experience in treating children and attended a number ofslide8-w3000 seminars.

In December 2003 I returned to Sydney and established Majors Bay Chiropractic. In 2005 I qualified as a Yoga Teacher and furthered my understanding of yoga and its various teachings and practices. My clinical approach is enriched holistic from this knowledge when implementing personalized posture and rehabilitative programs.

After moving to Springwood in 2011, I established Springwood Chiropractic in Springwood, Blue Mountains in 2013. I enjoy mountain bike riding, yoga, meditation and playing tennis. I treasure the outdoors and spending time with my family. I regularly complete continuing professional development post-graduate training: to gain a more in-depth understanding of the most effective chiropractic techniques and keep updated on the latest research.

With over 17 years’ experience in the field of Chiropractic I am passionate and dedicated to my profession. I enjoy the challenges of helping patients with severe debilitating conditions and sport injuries however I advocate that prevention is better than cure. A well-functioning and maintained spine is not only less likely to be injured, it also heals faster following a trauma.

At Springwood Chiropractic our aim is to have you back in shape quickly, in order for you to get back to what’s important… your family, work and friends.