Katerina Molina – Chiropractor

We welcome Chiropractor Katerina Molina to our Springwood practice.

We welcome Katerina Molina to our Springwood practice.

Katerina’s recent attainment of a postgraduate Master of Chiropractic degree marks the pinnacle of five years of dedicated study and clinical experience in chiropractic and other bodywork.

As a young teen, Katerina was under chiropractic care herself, which had a huge impact on her overall health.  Drawn to the profession by a desire to give back , she began her career journey in 2017 at Macquarie University.

She excelled academically, being one of the top five graduates of her Bachelor’s Degree, and was awarded a Commonwealth supported placement.  During the final year, Katerina completed her year-long clinical placement at the Summer Hill student clinic.  During this internship, she learnt about the importance of tailoring chiropractic care to each patient’s individual needs.

Katerina is also a casual academic at Macquarie University.  She has been a first-year anatomy tutor since 2019, sharing her fascinations for the human body.  Katerina regards her contribution to the educational and university experience of undergraduate students to be both a privilege and one of her greatest personal achievements.

Working in the field for four years under the guidance of renowned chiropractors as a Chiropractic Assistant at Inner West Chiropractic, where she undertook administrative duties as well as soft tissue massaging of patients.

Katerina is looking forward to bringing her energy, passion and love for health and wellbeing to her new position.  She will always be committed to continued learning and acquiring new knowledge and skills to enhance her patient care.

Katerina’s main aims are to decrease the severity and frequency of musculoskeletal complaints and to assist you in becoming the best version of yourself that you can be.