Stress and anxiety

The world is becoming more challenging, often more is expected of us, our commitments to work and family life often are faced with time pressures. In short, our lives are becoming more stressful than ever before.

Medical research has suggested that up to eighty percent of all illness is stress related! (There are now over 200,000 scientific articles related to stress research).

Stress upsets the normal physiological equilibrium within the system and disturbs mental or physical health.Internal conditions such as illness, pain, or emotional conflict, as well as external circumstances, such as difficulties in personal relationships,a death in the family, or financial problems can cause stress. Positive experiences like a new baby, buying a new home, or job promotion can even provoke stress.

A balanced and well-functioning spine is one of the keys to effectively managing stress. Prolonged stress and anxiety create increased muscle tension and contraction within the body. This muscle tension creates uneven pressure in the musculoskeletal system, adversely affecting the nervous system. Over time this stress response can lead to decreased flexibility, less energy, diminished clarity of thought, and even poor decision making.

"Anxiety and stress are notorious for attacking the weak spots of the spine."²

Regardless of the cause of the disorder, its effects on the human body will manifest in the nervous system. "The nervous system is the organizer and coordinator of all bodily processes. All other systems depend upon the integrity of the nervous system to function properly. This includes the circulatory, respiratory, digestive, reproductive, endocrine (hormonal), and musculoskeletal systems."1 The most direct method of correcting and improving function therefore is directed toward balancing the nervous system. This is precisely the pathway that chiropractic and stress management care utilize.

The adjustments of a chiropractor reduces muscle tension and helps the body and nervous system return to a more relaxed, balanced state. This more easeful state allows the brain as a result to turn off the fight or flight response.

At Springwood Chiropractic you may be recommended specific nutritional minerals and vitamins to help the body cope with stress. Relaxation techniques, postural and environmental changes may also be advised to help recover from chronic stress.

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