What is the pain in my hip

What is the pain in my hip, knee, or ankle and how can it be treated?

iStock_000047628848XXXLarge-w660Springwood Chiropractic is dedicated to applying the best clinical practice with understanding of the most current research to diagnose and treat structural issues that may be arising from your hip, knee or ankle.

There are a variety of pathologies that can cause pain in the hip, knee & ankle. Including, but not limited to, certain types of arthritis, meniscal tears, ligament ruptures or muscle imbalance injuries. At Springwood Chiropractic we believe an approach improving biomechanics, flexibility, coordination, and strength are important components in the rehabilitation of these injuries.

After a thorough diagnosis, we present the latest in joint and muscle techniques along with exercises that enhance your joint's flexibility, stability, above all function. Remember that pain in the hip, ankle or knee generally presents with poorly functioning joints above and/or below it. So at Springwood Chiropractic we treat not only the site of pain but also carefully examine any other joints and structures that may be contributing to your complaint.

Individualised, personalised and evidence based treatment plans that are condition specific are then given, making us a first choice chiropractor in Springwood and Blue Mountains for your hip, knee and ankle pain.