Mark Smith – Chiropractor

Mark enjoys the challenges of encountering a diverse population, although he finds interacting with individuals who are seeking to perform at the peak of their ability particularly rewarding.

Dr Mark Smith
Chiro. Sc., M.Chiro.

Mark strongly believes that injuries are not isolated conditions. His consultations deliver holistic health care tailored to each individual after a thorough functional assessment. This includes efficient analyses, diagnosis and treatment of a range of acute injuries. Mark brings to Springwood Chiropractic an extensive knowledge of the most effective treatment protocols to manage an athlete’s condition with sports injuries.

Mark enjoys working with individuals who are striving to perform at the best. Whether that be in sport or peak function in day to day life. His mindset in management of all individuals is to work towards the fulfilment of their personal goals. In conjunction aiming to instil his passion for health and well-being in every person he encounters. He has training in arthritic conditions and a diverse mix of presentations.

In order to achieve optimal results for his clients, he implements the most effective chiropractic techniques. His approach includes diversified adjustments, Thompson drop piece and activator methods. This is in conjunction with soft tissue work, rehabilitation exercises and lifestyle advice. Ongoing post-graduate training, professional development, and regularly keeping up to date with the latest research inspires Mark clinically to practice an evidence-based approach.

Mark has assisted in the management of the Macquarie University Rugby and Sydney Grammar Basketball teams. He was also involved in providing care to athletes at the 2014 Australian Beach Volleyball Championships and Eastern University Games. Furthermore, he has applied his interests to act as a sports trainer/team chiropractor for many local sporting organisations in his spare time. Book your appointment today.