How to minimise the effects of Jet Lag

To minimise the effects of jetlag it is important to have good nutrition. Avoiding tea and coffee, ordering special meals, taking some home made food, and ensuring that you drink plenty of water is essential. The effect of alcohol and diuretics is greater in flight, causing increased levels of dehydration. Dehydration effects are is increased normally in flight as well. Move around as much as possible on the airplane this will help circulation and aid ill effects. Symptoms of jet lag will be reduced further if avoid use of prescribed sleeping medication during the flight.

Your circadian rhythm needs to re-synchronize in the new time zone., so exposure to morning sunlight/ daylight when you reach your destination is important. It is better to get as much sunlight as you can and stay awake the first day till usual bedtime in that time zone. If you really need a sleep during the day, it’s best to only make it for a maximum of two hours.

Additionally it is important to make sure you get plenty of sleep before you leave. This means consistent nights of good sleep prior to your travelling adventure…


I have found the below homeopathic and valerian very useful

1/Homeopathic- Australian bush Flower essence
2/Valerian- natural sleep/insomnia aid- Recommend trialling effect prior to travel
Melatonin- Research suggests that taking a low dose-5 mg tablet of melatonin a night for three nights, one hour before a normal bedtime once a person has reached the travel destination is useful. There are no long-term studies on the safety of melatonin.

Manual Specific Kinesiology points

  • Find a point mid axillary line (if you put your finger under armpit run it down body) till level with 4/5th intercostal space (you are in line with nipple). This point is a spleen point – rub it for 20 sec
  • Then pull ear lobes upwards at top arching around to backwards in centre then downwards where earrings normally are.
  • These two techniques above will take one minute and are suggested every couple of hours in flight and each morning on arriving to a new time zone. They are a particular kinesiology technique for re-synchronising the circadian rhythm.

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