Pregnancy is one of the most important times for a woman to be under Chiropractic care.

From the moment of conception, a multitude of changes are occurring in both the mother and the developing baby. All of these changes are orchestrated by the nervous system. What houses the nervous system is the spine. Chiropractors are highly trained to check for misalignments of the spine and thus the resultant function of the nervous system.

During pregnancy, your center of gravity changes in the spine which result in altered biomechanical forces in joints during walking and moving. The increased forward weight creates a more exaggerated arch through the low back and pelvis. The mid and upper back curve more, and the neck and head then tilt forward. Often any pre-existing niggles or longstanding restrictions in the spine become more noticeable and painful as the baby grows. This can become particularly more pronounced when the ligaments that hold the pelvis together start to loosen in preparation for birth.

Research indicates that having your spine adjusted by a Chiropractor will ensure a more comfortable pregnancy and birth.1 One study even found that "first time mums under Chiropractic care experienced a 24% shorter labour time, whilst a 39% decrease was noted in second time mothers."2

Chiropractic during pregnancy allows your pelvis to move optimally, allowing the baby to position itself well. Research indicates chiropractic care during pregnancy results in a decreased need for intervention during labour.2 In a hospital study, chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy showed that there was a 50% decrease in the need for painkillers during delivery.3

Many women experience problems with pelvic floor muscles following birth and often recommended strengthening exercises. It is important to realise that the pelvic floor muscles are controlled by nerves originating from the lower back and pelvis.4 These muscles attach to the pelvis and coccyx (tailbone). Optimal functioning of the pelvis and lower back is thus crucial to ensure the pelvic floor muscles can work optimally and recover.

Springwood Chiropractic offers years of experience in gentle low force, safe and effective evidence based care for you during pregnancy and beyond.

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