Susan Jameson- Chiropractor

Personalised care that is tailored to your individual needs...

Dr Susan Jameson is a registered chiropractor and also a qualified (non-Australian registered) osteopath as well as a homeopath. She has had over 30 years' experience in helping people regain and maintain their health. 

Her prefered techniques include gentle spinal adjusting, craniosacral therapy, soft tissue relaxation, dry needling and therapeutic stretches and exercises to relieve pain and restore normal function. Nutritional and homeopathic medicines may be recommended to promote health and recovery.

Her first qualification was as a registered nurse in Auckland, New Zealand. Although she enjoyed the diversity and stimulation of hospital medicine, she became increasingly interested in complementary health disciplines. In London she completed her osteopathic qualification, which in turn led to studying chiropractic in California where she practices in the San Francisco Bay Area for ten years. During this time she also added homeopathy, nutritional medicine and craniosacral therapy. The final piece of the puzzle was dry needling which she learned in Australia. Susan now uses all of these skills in the clinic and regularly updates her professional skills to maintain best practice.

Because everyone's needs are unique, Susan treats each person as an individual, providing quality time and a high standard of care. Take a positive step and book your appointment today.